Wash Services

  • Crystal Wash
  • Diamond Wash
  • Gold Wash Tire Shine
  • Gold Wash
  • Basic Wash
  • Exterior Car Wash

Full Detail Services

Service Definitions:

Wash & Dry - Vehicle is washed and dried to sparkling shine.

Clean Wheels & Wells - Removal of all road oils and tar on the fender and wheels.

Dress Tires - Tires are chemically treated and wiped down to have a satin look or left on for a glossy look.

Clean Windows & Mirrors - All exterior and interior glass is cleaned.

Do not use compound -We are using the new product does not damage the paint.

Steam Shampoo- Floor Carpet & Seat Clean & Kills Bacteria

Swirl Remover - Removes light scratches, swirl marks & other mild defects on all paint finishes.

Vacuum Interior & Trunk - All carpeted areas including floors, mats, seats, and trunk are vacuumed.

Rim Cleaning - Restores the shine and sparkle to your tires and rims.